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Rhyme [userpic]

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May 8th, 2009 (09:16 pm)


[For anyone passing by House #9, you might just see a little girl lying down on her side in the grass. Her usually worn hat off her head and resting crumbled a foot away, her orange sleeves are rolled up and her hands are covered in layers of colorful powder. Chalk boxes with used pieces are stacked next to her, piles of flat, round rocks with small designs on them take over the yard and it's anyone's guess as to what they're for.

It's getting late, maybe someone should poke her and inquire about her supposed bedtime >__>]

Rhyme [userpic]

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February 17th, 2009 (02:02 pm)

I'm a little late... but better late then never, hmhm.

[If you are a TWEWY canonmate, a member of the Strife household, or someone she's had a decent length conversation with, expect to have gotten a Valentine from Rhyme. It's basically a paper heart with the recipients name in the middle, a small ribbon attached to a corner, and has a design or two drawn on it. Yes, very cute and girly.]

[ooc: And no, Rhyme's unaffected from this experiment xD; Mostly because she's only 9 and I doubt anyone really wants to deal with her overprotective big brother either.]

Rhyme [userpic]

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January 13th, 2009 (07:38 pm)

(Private // 70%)Collapse )

I've got to keep my chin up, for the both of us.

[ooc: Saw Rika's post and Beat's mallynapped status o/;]

Rhyme [userpic]

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January 1st, 2009 (11:44 pm)

Gone without a trace. It's like he was never here at all.

It's odd, I've looked through all of the stores but I can't seem to find it. By chance, has anyone seen a pendant with a small bell around?

It's very important to me and I'd really like it back.

[ooc: A certain someone forgot to give it to her >_>~ And yes, I know technically there should be two of them here but that felt like it was cheapening its meaning D:]

Rhyme [userpic]

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December 2nd, 2008 (06:14 pm)


Here I was hoping that at least the wings were accessories.

Guess not.

[ooc: I finally didn't go the accidental voice route, woo /o/;]

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